Extra Side Brace Set
Extra Side Brace Set

Extra Side Brace Set

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XTR1 Comes with a set of 2 side braces. However, you can add more accessories or increase the cargo area on the side of your rack by ordering additional side braces out of 1530UL Series Aluminum Extrusion (Double T-Slot Channel). 

You could also mount these on the top of the rack for additional support of accessories!

Set is for 2 sections of  Extrusion and 8 Pcs of standard 4-Hole Joint Plates in Black Anodize Finish, 16 Pcs of 5/16-18 Button Hex Screws and 16 Pcs of Drop-In T-Nuts. 

These can be added after assembly as well, however you might have to loosen other front-to-back sections of the rack.

Select the length by substracting 6" from the length of your rack. For example, if your rack is 58"L, the section you need to choose is 52"

Available in both Anodized Aluminum Finish (Natural) and Black Powder Coat Textured Finish.