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Who’s up for sleeping directly on a cold, hard truck bed or on squeaky, leaky air mattresses?

Show of hands? No one? You deserve to wake up fresh for any adventure. Whether hitting the trail for a hike or a ride, climbing that rock face, catching a wave, or just chilling with a book and keeping the campfire stoked, give your body a well earned rest and upgrade to a legit night of deep camp sleep on a REAL MATTRESS. The Rev Tent is the only pick-up bed tent that features a real mattress, built in!   

And just because you CAN sleep in the bed of your truck in a Rev Tent, doesn't mean you HAVE to! The Rev Tent is the only pick-up bed tent that can also be set up on the ground anywhere at the camp site.  

Transport the Rev Tent to your camp destination in the bed of your pick-up truck, or on a roof rack, load bars, factory rails, or even attached directly to your pick-up's roof.

The Rev Tent is future proof. As your camping style evolves, so can the Rev Tent. If you want to start camping camping on the roof of your vehicle - check. The Rev Tent is built for a lifetime of use and a variety of elevations. It's the first tent you never knew you needed and the last tent you'll ever need.

*In order to set up the Rev Tent to sleep in the bed of a pick-up, the pick-up must have a flat bed at least 48" wide and 84" long (with the tailgate down).  Perfect for full size pick-ups and mid sizes like the Honda Ridgeline and Rivian.

Learn more about the rich history behind the Dazzle pattern here.  

Rev Tent Features:

      • A comfortable tri-layer 4” foam mattress w/ puffy quilted topper
      • 4 doors/windows with zippered screens for views and superior ventilation
      • Weighs only 25 lbs / 11.5 kgs. 1 person easy lift on and off vehicles and in and out of garages
      • Set up time 3-5 minutes - Just unzip, flip open, and assemble 6 poles
      • True 4 season - Dual layer with fully waterproof coated 150d outer fly
      • 4 built inside pockets for gear, water bottles, keys, etc
      • Zippered cable port for solar and charging cables
      • Maximum headroom at 3’2” / 96.5cm tall
     • Anodized 12mm 7001 aluminum tent poles
     • Zippered storage case - Entire tent folds into the weatherproof 400D nylon outer shell for transport
     • 6 interior hooks for organizing and light hanging options
     • Includes reflective guylines and rugged all-steel tent stakes for ground-based camping
     • The Rev Tent is Patent pending

For vehicle roof top camping, the Rev Tent can be mounted directly to any flat platform style roof rack (48”x 84”/ 1220mm 2134mm or larger) by popular brands like Front Runner, Yakima and Rhino. 

For vehicle roof top camping without the appropriate sized flat roof rack, use the optional Rev Platform. The Rev Platform mounts to most cross bars and roof racks just like a traditional Roof Top Tent. 

For the most comfortable sleep on the Ground or in the bed of a Pick-up Truck, no roof rack or base platform is needed. The Rev Tent is ready to camp right out of the box! 


When purchasing a bed rack from us, you will receive two packages with separate tracking numbers (one contains the extrusion bars, and the other contains various components and hardware).

Shipping will be determined by weight and your region.

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