Q-What’s the difference between the XTR1 and the XTR3?

A-The XTR1 was our original design for the rack. It includes 4 uprights, 2 side braces, 2 top crossbars, and 2 top support braces. The XTR3 is the newest variant of our rack. It essentially divides the rack into 4 equal quadrants. Giving you now 4 independently adjustable side braces. It comes with 6 uprights, 4 side braces, 3 top crossbars, and 4 top support braces.


Q-What's the load rating of the XTR1/3 racks?

A-The XTR1 has load ratings up to 400LB Dynamic Off-road, 800LB Dynamic On-road, 1500LB Static. (The shorter the rack, the more dynamic capabilities.)


The XTR3 has load ratings up to 450LB Dynamic Off-road, 900LB Dynamic On-road, 1500LB Static. (The shorter the rack, the more dynamic capabilities.)


Q-What tonneau covers work with your rack?

A-Please contact us for compatibility.


Q-Why did I only get a box of hardware? Where’s the rest of my rack? Or vice versa.

A-The bars and hardware are almost always shipped separately. The exception is international orders.


Q-I have a roof rack, can your bed rack be made to be flush?

A-Yes, we do this all the time. Our SKUs are made for all whole number increments. However, we can calculate the cut lengths to the nearest 1/10Th of an inch. So if you need the rack to be 22.5”, we can do that. It’ll just require us to create a custom direct invoice.


Q-I have this totally custom, crazy idea for my build. Can you build a rack like that?

A-Short answer is yes. Our platform is the most modular system on the market. We can work with you to find a solution that’ll fit your needs within the family of brackets we have designed. We’ve helped lots of people get a version of the rack that fits their needs. Custom orders run 8–10 weeks, usually due to design times.


Q-Will your rack work with my hard cap topper?

A-It’s highly unlikely that your topper will accommodate our wide wing brackets. The cap type of toppers usually has a rain lip that goes past the outer edge of the bed rails.



Q-What is the difference in all your bed brackets?

A-The Standard Wing Brackets are for those that DO NOT have a tonneau cover. (Although, there are a few covers that will fit. Please contact us for compatibility.)


Wide Wing Brackets are for those that DO have a tonneau cover. The exception being folding types of covers. The folding covers are not supported if you wish to be able to still open it. The rack geometry prevents the first section from fully opening. For some, this isn't an issue, and they opt to go ahead and install with the wide wing brackets.


Retrax Brackets are specifically made for the Retrax brand XR Pro retractable covers


X4S Brackets are specifically made for the BAK Revolver X4S (Jeep Gladiator only)


We have plans to support several other brands of covers that have built-in t-slots. The Elevate TS rails, however, didn’t hold up in our testing. So, we do not have plans to support those.


Q-Can my Softopper still fold down with the rack installed over it?

A-Yes, if your bed is less than 6ft. You’ll need to pull the center hinge pin to be able to collapse the cover.


Q-I have the Bestop Super top 2. Will the XTR1/3 work with this?

A-Please contact us for compatibility.