BWC Fly Box & Mountable Waterproof Case


The Big Water case comes jam-packed with unique inserts and attachment features so you can have one box that does it all. Use the three included inserts to create a fly box, phone case, travel wallet, or boat box. Mix-and-match the inserts to fashion the box that you need for each of your adventures.

Attaches securely to your inflatables (raft frames, raft tubes, float tubes, etc.) using our exclusive dual strap mounting points or the ClampIT™ style mounting feature on the rear of the case. Mount it on your drift boat, skiff, jet boat, or bicycle with our exclusive Slip Mount bolt on mounting bracket. Clip it conveniently to your backpack, or even use it as a fly tying box for finished flies and bringing your tying supplies with you.

The inside of the case has interchangeable and customizable inserts, including closed cell foam fly holders, wallet inserts, and a large mesh storage bag. The Big Water Case is the ultimate fly fishing box.

When purchasing a bed rack from us, you will receive two packages with separate tracking numbers (one contains the extrusion bars, and the other contains various components and hardware).

Shipping will be determined by weight and your region.

Regular price$41.00

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