Joolca HOTTAP Outing Kit

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What's Included:

  • HOTTAP unit
  • Ensuite Plumbing
  • River Pump Kit
  • Gas hose
  • Lightweight feet

Built to home standards, HOTTAP features class-leading specs throughout. It’s actually a real, hot shower – with over 15h run time on a single gas tank. Even in winter, HOTTAP’s 37,500-BTU burner will give you a steaming hot shower at the flick of a switch. And with up to 1.6GPM of flow, it’ll get through any head of hair.

Easy as that.

Use it your way.

The new HOTTAP Comes with a modular showerhead that can be used handheld or turned into a ceiling-mounted shower with the switch on the wall.

Simply flick the switch and the hot water starts flowing. It’s also got a faucet attachment for use with a sink, included in your Nomad Kit.


A proper home-like sink & faucet. Dishwashing duty never looked so good.

Magnet Mount

Stick the shower head to any metal surface, or hang it from a hook. It’s got all the options.

Tent Integration

Separate the hose from the handle for a ceiling-mounted shower with a convenient wall switch.

Rich Spray

The shower hose has been designed to provide a rich spray at all flow rates and angles.

Taps into any water source

Use your HOTTAP with a jerry can or throw the sturdy two-stage water filter into the nearest creek or lake and pump water up to 100ft to your campsite.

Two-Stage Water Filter

The water intake features a two-stage filter that will remove everything but the very finest sediments, and it’s sturdy enough to be thrown into shallow rivers and creeks.

What’s more, it’s easy to clean. No tools required, simply untwist the cover and pull apart, then flush out with water before putting back together.

Long Distance Feeds

The powerful pump self-primes to 6ft and can push water up to 100ft up an incline. Now you will finally be able to truly connect to nature.

The pump is rated to IPX3, so you can leave it out in the rain, hail and shine. And don’t worry if there’s a limited water supply – the pump won’t be damaged by running dry.

Sounds like a crap load of stuff to carry? The sink doubles as a handy storage container for the lot.

Build your outdoor bathroom

Joolca gear is built with modularity in mind. Like building blocks, it’s easy to build your perfect bathroom in the bush.

When purchasing a bed rack from us, you will receive two packages with separate tracking numbers (one contains the extrusion bars, and the other contains various components and hardware).

Shipping will be determined by weight and your region.

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