XTR1 Bed Rack Length

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Includes Side brace and top brace main with hardware. For use in conjunction with a bedrack part number only

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Ty de Silva

Switched out my Thule tracrac sr for these. These are really stable, they don’t shift at all. Highly recommend!

Endlessly Customizable

I have an X4S tonneau cover. The XTR1 is one the few racks that are totally compatible with it at a decent price. It’s super customizable because the entire thing is essentially 80/20-style extruded aluminum. But there’s a trade off with that. It’s not a breeze to put together or install. But, if you like to tinker a bit and don’t mind fiddling with thread lock and a torque wrench then it’s the best. Plus, they have a ton of kits to upgrade functionality. If you’re comfortable working with extruded aluminum… the sky’s the limit with what you can do.

Zach Thurman
Awesome product and service!

The rack itself arrived in record time. It was packed quite well with no missing hardware. The instructions were well thought out and easy to follow.

We immediately put our tuff stuff alpha 2 tent on it and took it to Yellowstone for 5 nights of camping. The rack didn't budge or squeak one bit with over 1800 miles of driving through mountains, highways, and trails.

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