OVS Tow Strap 30,000 lb. 3" x 30' Gray With Black Ends & Storage Bag

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Overland vehicle Systems provides you Professional Grade recovery gear for any situation. If and when you get stuck our straps are designed to work time after time. We start with high quality tightly woven synthetic fiber that feature double looped ends with a protective sleeve that are double stitched that will not stretch or deform. Each strap is engineered and tested statically to surpass breaking strength requirements to ensure you have the safest product available. Each strap comes with a storage bag and should be paired with our recovery shackles.


Manufactured out heavy duty synthetic fiber with a 30,000 lb. breaking strength

30’ long 3” wide folded and double stitched end with a heavy-duty padded protective sleeve

Loop size is 10” which is ideal for all types of rigging including soft shackles & D Rings

Tightly woven 30 strands per inch reinforced synthetic fiber material for extra durability

Soft and pliable material flexes easy with no stretch and is ideal for static recovery situations

Included storage bag with mesh at the bottom that allows dirt and debris to escape


Ideal for daisy chaining vehicles through tough obstacles or long pulls with inoperable vehicle

Can be used as a winch extension when extra length is needed

Clean all mud and sand off of all synthetic ropes and straps as soon as you get home. Sand granules have sharp edges that can cut into the fibers at the microscopic level reducing the safe load rating

Safety Factors

Make sure all support rigging such as D-Rings have an equal or higher load rating.

Attach tow straps either to the frame, tow hooks or a solid bumper that was built with enough strength to handle the forces generated by being extracted or towed


What belongs in your basic recovery bag:

  1. 3" x 30' Tow Strap - Static
  2. 4" x 8' Tree Saver 
  3. Multiple D Ring ¾” or larger
  4. Soft Shackle ½” or bigger
  5. Snatch Block or Recovery Ring
  6. Work Gloves
  7. Small Screwdriver (Guess why)
  8. Utility Shovel
  9. Tire Repair Kit
  10. Tire Deflator

Some additional items to consider for recovery readiness:

  1. Tow Strap Multiple Sizes
  2. Recovery Strap – Kinetic
  3. Safety Chain
  4. Heavy Duty Ratcheting Tie Downs
  5. Recovery Ramps


Overland Vehicle Systems Off Road Recovery Difference.


The Overland Vehicle Systems team knows that off road recovery can be a difficult and dangerous process. That's why we carry our Brute Kinetic Recovery Ropes and Soft Shackles, our Soft Shackles are perfect for use with our Brute Kinetic Recovery Ropes! Our Recovery Rings come in 3 assorted sizes and offer a safer solution than standard Snatch Blocks. However, if you need something more traditional then feel free to check out our tow straps and tree saver. In addition to the standard d-rings, we also offer Snatch Blocks in two different capacities. We also offer two size recovery boards so whatever your off-road needs may be, we've got you covered. Lastly, we offer two different hitch receiver solutions, our Standard and our Aluminum Soft Shackle Ready Receiver mounts. All our offroad recovery products are rigorously tested so that you can feel confident using them in any situation. When it comes to off road recovery, the Overland Vehicle Systems team has you covered.

When purchasing a bed rack from us, you will receive two packages with separate tracking numbers (one contains the extrusion bars, and the other contains various components and hardware).

Shipping will be determined by weight and your region.

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