Consider this ladder an add-on to a vehicle roof rack mounted Rev Tent. While you can scramble up any side of your vehicle to access the tent (rear ladder, spare tire, over the hood, etc.), you may want a ladder for an easier climb. 

The Rev Ladder can be collapsed or extended to reach most height racks on most vehicles. 

Independent locks at each step allow the ladder to collapse one rung at a time to adjust the height. Includes a locking strap to secure in the closed position. 

Removable rubber-coated steel hooks are used for grabbing onto most roof rack side profiles.  

For safe carrying and storage out of the elements, consider the Rev Ladder Carrying Case. 

This ladder isn’t only for camping in the Rev Tent. This is the perfect ladder for home projects.   

NOTES:  If you have a Rhino Pioneer platform roof rack - the slats are super wide.  The hooks on the ladder do not fully wrap around the side profile of the Rhino Pioneer Platform.  The Rev Ladder works with the Rhino Pioneer Platform like a traditional ladder that leans against a surface but doesn’t latch on.  While this arrangement works perfectly fine and can be easily climbed up and down -  the Rev Ladder / Rhino Pioneer Platform combo doesn’t offer that extra layer of balance security. 




When purchasing a bed rack from us, you will receive two packages with separate tracking numbers (one contains the extrusion bars, and the other contains various components and hardware).

Shipping will be determined by weight and your region.

Regular price$129.00

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