TrailKeg Half Gallon Package


Note: The Half Gallon products are fully compatible with existing internal thread and Gallon products.

The TrailKeg pressurized growler keeps your favorite beverage cold for up to 24 hours and carbonated for weeks.

Whether it’s a fresh IPA at the end of a trail, homebrew creation in your friend’s backyard, or kombucha on your own countertop, TrailKeg helps you enjoy your favorite beverages, cold and perfectly carbonated, in great places.


TrailKeg Lid, TrailKeg Half Gallon Growler, Chrome Tap, Dual Stage Regulator, Dip Tube with PerfectPour flow restrictor, 2x CO2 Cartridges

TrailKeg Lid:
  • Corny Keg Ball Lock (Liquid Out)
  • 75psi Manual Pressure Vent
  • Quick Disconnect Regulator Port (Only compatible with TrailKeg Regulator Included)
TrailKeg Half Gallon Growler:
  • 64oz - Stainless Steel
  • Vacuum Insulated
  • Thicker wall build for durability
  • Cold for 24 Hours - Hot for 12 Hours

Product Specifications:

  • Volume: Half Gallon(1.9L)
  • Package Weight(Empty): 4 lbs (1.8KG)
  • Package Weight(Full): 8.2 lbs (3.7KG)
  • Package Dimensions(In Packaging): 10.75in X 7.5in X 13in (27.5cmX19cmX33cm)
  • Package Dimensions(Out of Packaging): 5in X 5in X 18in(12.7cmX12.7cm 45.5cm)

When purchasing a bed rack from us, you will receive two packages with separate tracking numbers (one contains the extrusion bars, and the other contains various components and hardware).

Shipping will be determined by weight and your region.

Regular price$119.99

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