Nathan Pease
IG: @TacoStorm22



Hey hey everyone! My name is Nathan and I am a 2nd grade Teacher by day. I started my IG page because I loved some of the other trucks out there and wanted to build out my own truck and inspire others.

My page is dedicated to specifically Toyota Tacomas but I want to inspire anyone who has a 9-5 job AND wants to build their truck/ IG page. I promote what I feel are the best products and run them on my truck! Companies like Xtrusion Overland I fully support because I believe in their brand and think their product is like nothing else out there.


Build Specs: 🛠️🧰

Wrap: @agwraps
Front Bumper: @drtfabrication
Bedrack: @xtrusionoverland
Tent: @inspired_overland
Grill: @aspireautoaccessories
Suspension: @locked_offroad
Upper control arms: @specialty_products_company Headlight: @morimotolighting
Light bar: @cali_raised_led
Roof rack: @prinsuracks
Lower control arm skids: @runnin4tacos
Bumper lights: @bajadesigns
Wheels and Sliders: @relationsracewheels
Tires: @yokohamatire
RXT Leaf Pack: @ivdsuspension
Topper: @softopper_co
Skids plates: @rcioffroad (transmission and transfer case)
Rear Diff Skid: @runnin4tacos
Exhaust: @runnin4tacos
Rear bumper: @outgearsolutions
Comms: @midlandusa MXT275
Bumpstops: @superspringsinternational
Switch panel: @auxbeamledlighting
Solar panel: @newpowausa
Shackle Hangers: @drtfabrication
Extended Break lines: @yotamafia
Gusseted spindles: @drtfabrication
Tie rod upgrade: @w.a.r._fab
Water tank: @midnightforestofficial
HEIGH10: @stingeroffroad


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