Yankum Ropes - Bridle - Double Braided Nylon

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Spread the pulling force across multiple tow points. 

Stuck? But like, real good? Yankum Rope's kinetic bridle will distribute the pulling forces on your stuck vehicle.

When towing, it helps keep a vehicle straight allowing the driver to focus, instead of constantly fighting to stay straight when heading down the trail or highway.

Snow and ice recoveries become much safer by using a bridle. It’s built to have a minimal stretch, which can add cushion to a kinetic recovery. 

This Mil-Spec quality product is made out of high grade double braided nylon. We apply our “Code Red” Polymeric coating to protect against UV, water and abrasion as well as dip the eyes in a thick, protective urethane coating to ensure extended life where it matters most. This Yankum Rope can be used for recoveries as well as towing. If the bridle is used on a recovery without using a kinetic recovery rope, be aware the bridle will not stretch like a kinetic rope. Bridle formation of a kinetic rope increases the MBS and therefore reduces the "stretch-ability", so treat it like a static strap.  

  • 3/4" - Use on vehicles from 3,500 to 5,300 lbs
  • 7/8" - Use on vehicles from 5,000 to 8,000 lbs
  • 1" - Use on vehicles from 6,700 to 11,000 lbs
  • 1 year limited warranty
3/4” x 15’ Kinetic Bridle - Basket Formation Angle MBS:
0 - 30˚ - 19,000 lbs.
45˚ - 26,600 lbs.
60˚ - 32,680 lbs.
90˚ - 38,000 lbs.
7/8” x 15’ Kinetic Bridle - Basket Formation Angle MBS:
0 - 30˚ - 28,600 lbs.
45˚ - 40,040 lbs.
60˚ - 49,192 lbs.
90˚ - 57,200 lbs.
1” x 15’ Kinetic Bridle - Basket Formation Angle MBS:
0 - 30˚ - 33,500 lbs.
45˚ - 46,900 lbs.
60˚ - 57,620 lbs.
90˚ - 67,000 lbs.


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