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Xtrusion Overland Launches a New lightweight, High Strength Aluminum Bed Rack for the Rivian R1T Truck Bed.

     Xtrusion Overland, a leading American made manufacturer of high-strength, ultra modular bed racks for overland and commercial vehicles, is excited to announce the release of its latest bed rack specifically designed for the Rivian R1T truck bed.

      The Rivian R1T is a sleek, capable electric truck designed with adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts in mind. To meet the needs of these customers, Xtrusion Overland has developed a bed rack tailored exclusively for the R1T, providing increased cargo management and versatility for any adventure.

       The Xtrusion Overland bed rack is constructed from high-strength aluminum extrusions, providing a lightweight yet incredibly durable solution. Its modular design allows for easy customization, adding molle panels, side access gates, and slide-out accessories from Xtrusion for organizing outdoor gear, such as cases, toolboxes, rooftop tents, awnings, kayaks, bike racks, and commercial equipment like ladders and pipes. The basic Xtrusion bed rack for Rivian weighs around 70 lbs. and has a dynamic off-road top-heavy load range of 400 lbs., 800 lbs. on-road, and 1500 pounds static.

     The best part about the Xtrusion Bed Racks is you can choose a pre-selected bed rack or go custom and order the height and length you want. For example, if you want to keep that roof top tent low to reduce wind drag, you can order your rack from 9" high and up.

      The Rivian R1T is targeted for adventurers and backcountry explorers, and we wanted to create a bed rack that truly complements its capabilities. Our bed rack is designed to maximize the R1T's cargo capacity while maintaining its sleek and functional design while maintaining access to important bed rail buttons.

      The Xtrusion Overland bed rack for the Rivian R1T is now available. With its innovative design and exceptional quality, it's already a hit among Rivian R1T owners and overlanding enthusiasts alike. The basic Xtrusion Overland bed rack build with a height even to the rear cab spoiler lists at $1900.

   About Xtrusion Overland:
      Xtrusion Overland is a leading American manufacturer of high-quality truck bed racks based on 15 Series T-Slot extrusion for overland off-road vehicles and contractors. With a focus on innovative design, exceptional quality, and unparalleled customer service, Xtrusion Overland is committed to providing adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts with the bed rack needed to take their adventures to the next level.
     The Xtrusion Overland T-slot bed rack is designed to provide users with maximum flexibility and customization options when it comes to mounting gear and accessories on their vehicle. The T-slot design of the rack allows users to easily position top and side braces anywhere they choose along the length of the rack, ensuring a secure and stable mounting point for even the heaviest loads. Additionally, the rack features T-slot tracks on all four sides of each profile, allowing users to mount gear and accessories at any point along the length of the rack. This makes it easy to configure the rack to meet the specific needs of any adventure, whether you're hauling camping gear, bikes, kayaks, or anything else you can imagine.

 For more information about the Xtrusion Overland bed rack for the Rivian R1T truck bed or many other truck platforms, please visit

 STREET PRICE - $1900.00

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R1T Off-Road with Xtrusion Overland Bed Rack 9 Inch Height
R1T Profile Xtrusion Rack 9-Inch Height

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