Lead Times

Please Note That All Lead Times Are Estimations

Our posted lead times are only estimations and rely on various factors, many times outside of our control. Historic challenging times within our industry have caused ripples in the supply chain world that have repercussions even on the smallest of components at times. As you would imagine, many companies in our industry are experiencing the same. 

Our bed racks are super cool, with the ability to be customized. But this causes a series of challenges due to the thousands of possible combinations regarding compatibility, availability, etc. However, we are constantly aiming at improving our processes, hiring and training our people to achieve a reliable fulfillment process. 

If you have additional questions about our lead times, please check our current estimations and reach out to our team if you need additional information. We thank you for your continued support and patience as we improve our processes.

While we would do our best to accommodate a specific need, please do not plan any trips or outings based on the estimated lead times. 


XTR1 and XTR3 Bed Racks | 6-8 weeks

XTR1 and XTR3 Sub-Structures | 1-2 weeks

Xtrusion Made Accessories | 1-4 Weeks


Xtrusion Overland started supplying various brands that go hand in hand with our own products, to provide a complete service and help us grow. This includes products that are drop shipped. Please be advised that availability and lead times of those product are solely impacted by the third-party vendor's schedule. Many products are sold under an open inventory method, as the technology to sync inventories is limited, therefore please reach out if a specific product is needed by a specific date for us to double check with the supplier for you!

Any potential delay that occurs in the sourcing, processing, or drop shipment at the third party level will be communicated to the best of our ability to the customer.


The estimated lead time provided when you placed your order is JUST AN ESTIMATE. It is not a guarantee that the product will be shipped on that date. The estimated lead time gives you some sense of what the current times to source, cut, pack and ship takes. Many times the lead time can be shorter, but likewise it can extend, depending on factors such as previous demand and current supply. We manufacture many components in house, but extenuating circumstances such as down time for maintenance or unscheduled downtimes for repairs might impact dates as well as delays related to our sourced components. There is a constant flow of parts and shipments, and sometimes the visibility becomes a challenge to pinpoint exactly when your product will ship.

Feel free to check on your order at any time. Be aware that our customer service team may not be able to give you an exact date for completion but rest assured we are tracking your order and it will be built in the order that it was received. 

Xtrusion Overland also reserves the right to cancel items from an order, offer an alternative substitution or issue refund accordingly when product is delayed at an unacceptable time frame or at the request of the customer.