Side Brace Slide out - DIY - Concept kit

Side Brace Slide out - DIY - Concept kit

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Due to popular demand, we are offering a kit to DIY the slide out. There are still a few details to finish up on the kit, such as the bump stops and the latch or close mechanism. 

This concept uses linear bearings to create an inexpensive slide out mechanism, however, it is still under development and testing, so longevity and functionality of this slide out mechanism is still not completed.

However, several users want to get in on a DIY kit, and just buy the additional components once design and testing has been finalized. Instructions are vague and support is still lacking on this kit. Buy only if you're confident you can make it work with a little bit of creativity and support from the FB group!

This DIY kit will include:

1 ea Silver Anodized bar to the length to match your bedrack (please specify in comments)

6 ea Linear Slide Bearings and hardware 

1 ea Linear long linear guide and hardware

2 ea end caps in CNC machined raw aluminum finish and hardware

1 ea "L" bracket as rear stop and hardware

1 ea. "eye-bolt" as temporary lock mechanism so the system doesn't slide out under acceleration.