An Innovative Camper / Topper / Bed Rack System designed in a modular way for the ultimate versatilty.

Start with the XO.SKLTN Bed Rack System and buy the panel package to enclose it as a full topper. You want to go all out ? Then get the all new ultra-slim 5.5" wedge tent from Xtrusion Overland.

First deliveries starting in Q3 for Bed Rack and Q4 for Topper.

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                       Launch Edition Pricing:

Bed Rack Edition $2,300 (Deliveries starting Q3)

  Topper Edition $3,800 (Deliveries starting Q3)

 Camper Edition $8,100 (Deliveries starting Q4)

Why is this better than anything else on the market?

Its simple, you are in CONTROL. Do you want to start with a bed rack and work towards your dream camper build ? Start here! Do you want to go all out and buy the full camper at once? We've got you covered. 

Did we mention we can ship this to you via UPS ? Yes, no need to drive thousands of miles to the factory or a dealer to get this installed or pay thousands in shipping. It's the "IKEA®" approach!

Basic Bed Rack Configuration

Basic Topper Configuration

Basic Camper Configuration

Full Panel Access with CNC Hinges

New Modular Molle Plates

Compatible with Any Tent

Innovative Modularity, Billet Bracketry

Killer look!

Prelaunch pricing chart.png__PID:8dec0d75-5f81-49b4-bf4b-946ec272a253
Camper Mode.jpeg__PID:1fd8d397-9ccf-4a35-98e8-d248e4c64e59
Bed Rack Molles.jpeg__PID:e9fbfe17-877e-4fd8-9397-9ccfea35d8e8
Open Camper.jpeg__PID:17877e1f-d8d3-479c-8fea-35d8e8d248e4
BedRack Loaded.jpeg__PID:fe17877e-1fd8-4397-9ccf-ea35d8e8d248
Drop element here

How do I order?

First we want full transparency. We have been working tirelessly on this camper and we are still making fine tuning the final touches. Scaling production with the new complexities will take us time. Fortunately, with the modular design in mind for scalability we will be able to ramp up steadily. We will own 100% of the supply and processes in Kansas, so that is great news!

However, we need to continue production on XTR1 / XTR3 and the easiest integration is through XO.SKLTN Bed Rack Edition  fulfillments until we are tooled for the topper / camper options.

Two ways to order:
Full Price Bed Rack option. Can be upgraded to Topper or Camper Edition with higher priority.

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Deposit option.
$500 deposit towards the purchase of the Bed Rack / Topper / Camper option to secure your spot in the queue. However, full priced bed rack orders will take priority if converted to Toper or Camper. Depending on full orders.

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XOSKLTN- Tacoma BedRack.png__PID:ddf9089f-242c-4429-8284-432d40839993

Bed Rack Edition

The quickest way to receive the XO.SKLTN is by Pre-Ordering the Bed Rack Edition.  Standard Rack includes items as pictured above. Main Bed Rack, 4 accessory mounting plates, 2 middle crossbars. Ready for Adventure.


What are the weight and cargo capabilities ?

XO.SKLTN is very strong, and lightweight. The numbers will vary by platform and accessories but it starts at sub 80 lbs for bed rack, sub 160 lbs for topper and sub 350 lbs for camper.

Our system is geared towards full customization. You can run the camper as bare bones as you want for a baja trip, or as loaded up with molle's, bracket mounts, crossbars, cable routing, lighting brackets, and much more. In short, it will be able to carry a Dynamic Off-Road load of over 500 lbs as bed rack mode, 400 lbs in topper mode and 200 lbs in camper mode with the max cargo accessory kit

We will have MANY accessories for this platform. From molle plates mounted to the outside and inside of the gates, window options, brackets, awning mounts, internal molle and much more! This will be your hub for everything outdoors or utility.  

What height is Full Height system at ?

The system is geared towards standardization but not all models can have this. The Mid-Size trucks will have a height of 21.5" and Full Size will have a height of 23" with exceptions were needed like 1st Gen Tacoma or to clear fin antenna's on some models.

Since we are integrating this with our Roof Top Tent for the camper platform we will not offer custom sizes on this yet. We will have a Bed Rack only adjustable height kit in Q4, but panels won't be compatible, but this eliminates the front and rear crossbars for middle adjustable bars. The integrated camper tent is 5.5" thick.

What height is Mid Height system at ?

The Mid-Size trucks will have a height of 15" and Full Size will have a height of 16". After years of gathering data of most common mid height solutions, these two are the sweet spot. These heights will be available with their universal mounting plates and will have topper enclosure options.

Bed Rack adjustable height kit will also be available for this if you wish to fine tune the height, but this eliminates the front and rear crossbars for middle adjustable bars. 

What is it made of ? How is it constructed.

Aluminum T-Slot profiles are the main structural component. Infinite mounting possibilities, cable management and water channels are just a few of the benefits of this. Strong, yet lightweight. The corner pieces are using Xtrusion Overland Patented approach and allows to join the ends of the extrusion with aircraft grade billet machined aluminum brackets with a complex shape with covers for the bolt pockets. Security bolts will be used for the covers. All of the components are then powdercoated in textured black for that unique stealth look. 

Rear and Side Panels are made out of 7075 Aluminum, reinforced with 6013 Aluminum bonded ribs for rigidity. All access panels are also mounted on a 10 series T-Slot Extrusion with our proprietary 4-link hinge mechanism for smooth and durable operation.

The side panels use push button style latches for ease of use, and lockable from inside. The rear panel uses either a push style button with keyed locks or a cable twist latch with keyed lock.

The panels are sealed for water intrusion using perpendicular T-Slot mounted seals and using T-slot's as water drains. 


How does it mount to my truck?

We use a method designed in house with an adjustable system for utilitrack and unversal grip methods. Needless to say, your camper isn't moving. Some adjustment might be necessary if your bed has been compromised or if the bedsides are spread. Bed stiffeners are reccommended for optimal fit. We will offer a proprietary bed stiffener with optional mounts that will allow you to remove the rear cross member. 


When will my order deliver ?

We still don't know the demand this will have. We are going to start making initially 20 units per month, delivers starting in mid July. From there we will scale production to reach up to 80 per month depending on demand. We will start an order dashboard for people to access their estimated delivery times for Bed Rack and Topper / Camper options. However, definitely do not plan a trip around the estimated delivery. 

I bought an XTR Bed Rack, can I change my order ?

If your XTR order is still in the queue, reach out to our team and let us know you want to make the changes. We will take your original transaction and modify it to reflect the new configuration. Please note that this will re-set your place in the queue as it is a different production queue. 

I am an XTR Bed Rack customer. Can I trade ?

Unfortunately no. If you already took delivery of an XTR Bed Rack, we cannot exchange or trade for the XO.SKLTN, however, for any confirmed Xtrusion Overland Bed Rack customer, we will give out a $300 credit towards accessories for X0.SKLTN for configuration. Just reach out to our CSR team to confirm your previous order and issue the credit on your account.  


Unique Cable Management

Thanks to its T-Slot structure, you can not only mount stuff, but you can run wires. The brackets are designed to keep fluids out of the topper, evacuating any excess and using the center channels for wiring.

Machined Corner Brackets shown without paint or machined cover caps.


Billet Aluminum Strength

Just like XTR bed racks, the corner brackets are the heart and soul of the system. They are engineered for strength, machined out of 6061-T651 Aerospace grade aluminum alloy. Machined in a 5 axis CNC equipment for 1 OP set ups in house. US Made components!

Machined Corner Brackets shown without paint or machined cover caps.


New Extrusion Profiles

In order to have an aesthetics first approach in our design, we made new profiles that allow us to have a sleek contour. The rack slants 13 degrees in on the sides, and 18 degrees in the front and rear. The result is a complex, yet beatiful structure ready for any tinkering. 

Machined Corner Brackets shown without paint or machined cover caps.

Untitled-2 (1).png__PID:42de5cec-f951-495b-9625-ab8920a99bca