Awning Mount Upright Sub-structure

Awning Mount Upright Sub-structure

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This kit will allow you to mount any awning with their provided hardware directly into the uprights of XTR1 bedrack at different heights and with adjustability.

Includes 2 Corner Brackets (need to select according to your bedrack version of 9D for Gladiators, 13.3D for Softoppers and 20D for standard bedracks)

2 sections of 1530H Extrusion powdercoated black. Select between 8" and 12" in height.

4 corner gussets that allow you to mount the awning straight into the extrusion T-Slot's

2 caps for the extrusion top ends.

All required hardware.

Supports up to 60 lbs when mounted on uprights directly with High Torque Slide-in T-nuts. 


The 270 bracket will add additional support for the heavier 270 type of awnings. Weight limit of 100lbs with added brace.

Customer Reviews

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Ej Marin
Awning Mount Upright Sub-structure?

While structure of mount is super I was not able to use it against my 23zero 180 awning due to how both would have to adapt to each other. Inorder for me to install I would need to purchase diffrent type of hardware mount to adapt or drill holes to excursion mount which I dont care to do not knowing if that would diminish the integrity of the mount.

Rock Solid

I have a 23 zero 270 degree awning mounted on this rack and it is solid. 1000+ miles on the highway and 100+ miles on dirt and there is no play or movement at all.

Win Bower

Sub-structure for awning mount is solid . No play when driving down the road . Would recommend for your awning.

Tacoma Bed Rack

Excellent system!

Jayson Losado
Awning mount

Have not installed yet, since the entire order arrived a couple of days after my camping trip. But I caught Covid, and was out for 2 weeks and didn’t make that trip. I am currently camping in Yosemite, without an awning.. parts looked good though