XTR1 Bed Rack for Chevy Colorado / GMC Canyon

XTR1 Bed Rack for Chevy Colorado / GMC Canyon

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XTR1 for Chevy Colorado / GMC Canyon 2015+

*Some pictures shown with accessories. 

Main Bedrack includes:
2 Crossbars
4 Uprights (Columns)
2 Top Braces
2 Side Braces
4 Bedrail Brackets (Connects Uprights to Bedrail)
4 Top Corner Brackets (connects Crossbars and uprights)
All screws and hardware required for assembly.

Rated Capacity (evenly distributed): 


350 pounds dynamic, 1200 pounds static, or OEM Bed Rail capacity, whichever is less. 

*Currently as we launch the product, it will only be available as Pre-Order, between 3-4 weeks, depending on stock of components. As we build demand figures, we will keep in stock for regular items.

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